currently reading

devil house by john darnielle

the incal by alejandro jodorowsky & jean giraud

metaprogramming elixir by chris mccord

designing elixir systems with otp by james edward gray, ii & bruce a. tate

up next

working in public: the making and maintenance of open source software by nadia eghbal


programming elixir by dave thomas

programming phoenix by chris mccord, bruce tate and josé valim

the go programming language by alan a. a. donovan & brian kernighan

fluent python by luciano ramalho

jeff vandermeer

southern reach trilogy (annihilation, authority, & acceptance)


the strange bird

dead astronauts

hummingbird salamander

fiction / weird fiction / horror

lolita by vladimir nabokov

pale fire by vladimir nabokov

masters of atlantis by charles portis

amatka by karin tidbeck

jagannath by karin tidbeck

songs of a dead dreamer and grimscribe by thomas ligotti

ubik by philip k dick


the war on normal people by andrew yang

hunger makes me a modern girl by carrie brownstein

code by charles petzold

graphic novels / comics

watchmen by alan moore, dave gibbons, & john higgins

planetary by warren ellis & john cassaday

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